Solar Panels Parramatta

Solar Panels Parramatta

Solar Power Energy Resource In Parramatta

Parramatta receives approximately 4.5 kilowatt solar irradiation levels per hour per square metre. It means switching to green energy will be the best option for home and office owners in Parramatta. By taking the help of one of the best solar panel companies in Parramatta, you can reduce or make your power bill zero. Moreover, you can leverage many benefits from your solar system.

Isolux Solar is one of the renowned solar panel companies in Parramatta. It offers commercial and residential solar panel installation in Parramatta regions. Since 2013, Isolux Solar has been offering solar power installation in NSW including Parramatta. It is a CEC accredited company that has successfully completed several commercial and residential solar panel installations in Parramatta. It offers top to bottom services related to green energy.

Solar Panels Parramatta

Help in the selection of the size, angel, etc.
Once you choose Isolux as your solar panels installers Parramatta, the Isolux technicians will visit your home to inspect various factors. Based on the inspection, the technicians will suggest the size of the system, system angle, facing, etc.

Best Solar Power System in Parramatta

Regardless of the fact you choose Isolux solar for commercial or residential solar panel installation in Parramatta, you will receive the best solar panels, solar batteries, solar PV cells, etc. Isolux Solar is renowned solar power installers in Parramatta because of its excellent services and professional network of system parts providers. The installation will be performed by the most experienced and skilled engineers to make sure you get the best returns from your solar power system in Parramatta.

Solar Companies in Parramatta

Isolux Solar is one of the renowned solar power installers in Parramatta that helps in all aspects. So, if you live in Parramatta and interested in leveraging the advantages of green energy for your house or office, then you are at the right place. The Isolux Solar will guide you further. Contact Isolux Solar now to get a free quote.
Grid Connected Solar PV System​

The residential solar panel installation in Parramatta also includes grid connection. This lets the homeowners take advantage of the feed-in tariff. It means if your solar panel produces more energy and use less than that, then you will get a feed-in tariff bonus from the NSW State Government. All formalities related to grid connection will be handled by the team of Isolux Solar.

Applying for Rebates

One of the most lucrative things related to residential solar panel installation in Parramatta or any other parts of Australia is getting rebates. The homeowners getting a solar power system installed in Parramatta are eligible to get Federal Government’s STC rebates. On the purchase of solar panels, you get some small scale technology certificates (STCs). Based on the value of STCs, you get an upfront discount on the total cost of your solar power system. It is referred as rebates. Isolux Solar is one of the renowned solar panel companies in Parramatta, which will create STCs for you and give you rebates on the total cost of solar. This will be a seamless process as it will be handled by the experts.

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Our expert technician will help you choose the right solar power system for your home based on your power usage and other factors. From selecting the best residential solar panel system in Sydney and installing the supporting battery for solar energy storage & solar inverter installation for you to the installation of the residential solar panel system, application of the rebates, grid connection, and more; we will help you to get the best solar panels Parramatta with the best benefits.