Casa Batllo

One out of all three houses the one that is the most expensive is Casa Batllo. Casa batllo was built in 1875 and 1877 (between them two dates). It was built by josep Battlo guadi convinced him to remodel it so now it look beter, and the remodeling took place in 1904. Antoni Guadi designed the facade, the roof, and added an extra interior. the height of it is around 5 stored building. 

The faccadethe faccade was made out of sandstone covered with coloful trencadis, they made oval windows. he also had balconies and on top of them have skulls and on the bottom look like bone pillars this is what the faccade looked like and in interesting fact is all the bones and skulls represents all the dragon victims..

 this is the faccade isn't it nice and well constructed

                                              The roof

the roof antoni made it looked like dragon skin and was made to reprsent the dragon skin thats all about the roof

you see the scales they really look like dragon skin i wonder if they feel like it too.

the interiorthe interior is fantastic when he was making the the interior he avoided all straight lines he made nice details when he was doing the doors, windows, and the tiles which he made out of fire place. that right there shows you all the cool stuff gaudi can do.