VoIP services for business

Communication is one of the fundamental pillars of an organization. Therefore, it is also one of the fixed costs that any company has to face, regardless of its size or the product or service it offers.


The IP telephony is the best alternative to manage communications with customers, suppliers and distributors, and between employees of the same company.Vonex NBN offers one of the best services in the VoIP business.


VoIP stands for Over Internet Protocol, which means "voice over an internet protocol." This technology transforms voice into data packets so that they can travel through the network. Through IP Technology, we can send voice and data in a web-based on the said protocol.


Services that a good IP provider should offer


There are many IP service providers on the market. When choosing the most appropriate one, a series of requirements must be taken into account, which must be met for the service to be effective. Here are some of them:


  • Call quality: since the company's broadband will be used to send data, in addition to making calls, it is essential that the IP provider can manage data traffic to prioritize calls over the transfer of these, offering higher quality in making calls.


  • Continuity of the service: in the event of any incident. The IP provider must ensure a minimum throughput, if necessary, to avoid service interruption whenever possible.


  • Security mechanisms: security is essential in IP. The massive amount of data that is handled, confidential in many cases, requires an optimal security system that protects both storage and traffic. This security will be enhanced if a cloud service is contracted.


  • Customer service and technical advice: the IP provider must offer the company a continuous advisory service to resolve any doubts or technical incident as efficiently and quickly as possible.

Advantages of VoIP technology


  • Reduce costs: the costs in IP technology are much lower than in traditional telephony. First, with VoIP, the company only pays for the services it uses, which can be modified as the company's needs vary, without the need to invest in infrastructure.


Besides, additional services such as call waiting, international calls or voicemail, which imply an extra cost, generally very high, when we use traditional telephony, are included in the service in the case of IP telephony. Brisbane IT Support provide one of the best services there is.


  • Integration with other applications: IP technology allows integration with the rest of its management systems and other applications. This opens up an infinite range of possibilities, which, with traditional technology, would be unthinkable.


  • Wide range of additional services: as we have already mentioned, IP technology offers a series of services. It allows integrations with other systems, which with traditional technology would not be possible to carry out.Vonex dealerprovides a wide range of services.


  • Remote maintenance and scalability: Another great advantage of IP technology is that the provider takes care of maintenance and updating.

On the other hand, it should be noted that it is a scalable product. When we contract an IP service, we select the applications and plans that best suit our company's needs. But if these vary, it is quick and easy to expand or reduce them, and the additional expense will be minimal.


  • Accessibility: through IP technology, company employees can access services from anywhere globally, where there is an internet connection.