Ms. Zoch's Music Classroom


Welcome to our MUSIC SITE! I am so excited for a  great new year!  Please check back frequently for updates about the year. 

Third Grade

Welcome to Wood Elementary!  I am so excited to get to know you this year.  Our concert this year will be in the Spring.  I look forward to singing, dancing and playing this year.  

Fourth Grade

Fourth graders,  I am excited for another super year.  This year,  you will have one concert.  It will be in the Spring with the third graders.  In addition to everything we learned last year,  we will be adding recorders.  Check out the FORMS page #for your order form if yours was misplaced!  

Also,  this year,  Fourth graders will have the opportunity to audition for our newly formed ORFF group.  Please pick up an application from Ms. Zoch.



Fifth Grade

Welcome back, fifth graders!  I am ready for this year... are you?  Your concert this year will be our Winter Concert.  More information will follow.  

As a fifth grader, we will dig deeper into the world of music.  There will be plenty of creating, and composing.  We will continue with our recorders.  If you are new this year or if you need a new one,  check out the FORMS page for a new order form.  

Also,  this year you will have the opportunity to join CHOIR.  Honor choir will meet on Tuesdays from 3:45 and 4:30.  Please see Ms. Zoch for an application.

Finally,  this year, fifth graders will have the opportunity to audition for our newly formed ORFF group.  Please pick up an application from Ms. Zoch. 

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