In 4th grade at IWIA, Ms. Gross and Ms. Wineskiwi will be team teaching.  Ms. Gross will be teaching reading, language arts, and social studies to all fourth grade students.  Ms. Wineskiwi will be teaching mathematics and science. Classes will begin at 8:00AM.

 Below is our Daily Schedule.

7:35-8:00 Homeroom

8:00-9:15 Reading/Language Arts (girls)

Mathematics (boys) 

9:15-9:55 Unit of Inquiry (Social Studies)-girls

      Unit of Inquiry (Science)-boys 

9:55-10:10 Snack, bathroom, and locker break

10:10-10:15 Transition to Math/Science (Girls)

Transition to Reading/Language Arts/Social Studies (Boys)

10:15-11:30 Mathematics (Girls)

Reading/Language Arts (Boys)

11:30-12:10 Unit of Inquiry (Science)-Girls

Unit of Inquiry (Social Studies)-Boys

12:10-12:40 LUNCH

12:40-1:15 CHINESE

(Girls' Instructor-Mrs. Durdin/Boys' Instructor-Mr.Chung) 1:15-1:50 SPECIALS

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Girls Girls Girls Girls Girls

Media PE Art PE Music


Boys Boys Boys Boys Boys

Music PE Media PE Art

1:50-2:25 RECESS

2:25-2:45 Locker Break, Pack Up, and Reflection of the Day

2:45-3:00 Drop Everything and Read & Tutorial in small groups

3:00-3:30 CARPOOl

After 3:30, students will be escorted to late pick up in room A-2.

At 4:00, students will be escorted to After Care in Building B.

Please let us know if your child's pick up arrangements will change (such as attending after care, another person picking him or her up, changing to van riders, or walking home).  This will make sure that we have the correct pick up arrangements for your child. Thank you so much!