Iyalode School

Welcome to Iyalode School

You can only attend Iyalode School if you are 17+ to 100 years old. There is no requirement before registering as a student. We have several websites and platforms that we work from:


Facebook: @iyalodeschool

Registered Students: iyalode-school.teachable.com

YouTube: IyalodeSchool

BlogTalkRadio: blogtalkradio.com/templeiyalode


Iyalode School is part of the Iyalode School Foundation and Temple Iyalode, our Online Sunday Church Service. Join us at 10:00 am every Sunday.

On Mondays @ 7:00 pm (Central Time) we will have our Podcast at BlogTalkRadio to discuss various issues of the day. Call-in participation is welcome.

Registered Students will be referred to a special link to take online tests. You have to accumulate a certain amount of credits to qualify for graduation. The curriculum should last about one year, but could take longer. There is no rush and you don't have to attend classes every day of the week, nor do you have to complete all your courses at a set date and time.

You can also sign up for Counseling Sessions if you want to talk about your situation and get another perspective from a counselor. We will also host group activities for those that are interested, for example, block party line dancing, groups and bands and library book signing sessions.

When you are graduating, you also have the option to get a high school ring and take your picture in a graduation cap and gown to keep or to upload to our Graduating Class Online Yearbook. You are not obligated to participate in the yearbook project, however.