Spelling Contract

Spelling Contract


10 Point Activities:

1.  Write each spelling word without its vowels. Replace each vowel with a line.

2.  Write your spelling words in colored pencil. Write each consonant letter in red and each vowel in blue.

3.  Write each spelling word 5 times.

4.  Write each spelling word in a rainbow of colors. First, write  the words with a red colored pencil. Trace over the words in blue. Finally, trace the words again with green.

5.  Write your spelling words in ABC order.

6.  Write each spelling word. Next to each word, write 2 other words of at least 4 letters that can be spelled using the letters in the word.

7.  Create a secret code by assigning a number to each letter of the alphabet. Write the spelling word and next to it write the word in code.

8.  Spell out your spelling words using alphabet rubber stamps and an inkpad.

9.  Write your words with the hand you do not usually write with (make sure it's legible!)

10.  Write each word in numbers. First write the spelling word. Then, find each letter on a telephone keypad and write the corresponding number for each letter.

15 Point Activities:

11.  Use each spelling word in a sentence. Correct spelling and grammar counts!!

12.  Create a cartoon strip using at least 8 of your spelling words. Cartoon must be colored.

13.  Write a poem (that makes sense) using at least 8 of your spelling words.

14.  Write all of your spelling words in a continuous line to form a picture or a design (color the picture).

15.  Draw a picture of 10 of your spelling words. Pictures should be colored nicely!

16.  Write a newspaper article using 10 of your spelling words.

17.  Write similes or metaphors using 10 of your spelling words.

18.  Make a chart and classify your spelling words according to their parts of speech.

19.  Type your spelling list four times on a computer, with each list typed in a different font.  Print it out.

20.  Find each of your spelling words in a word search puzzle. To do the puzzle go to: 


20 Point Activities:

21.  Use your spelling words to write a short story. Your story must include at least 13 of your spelling words.

22.  Cut out large letters from headlines or ads in a newspaper or magazine. Use the letters to spell your words. Paste or tape the letters in your spelling notebook.

23.  Write a mnemonic sentence to help you remember each of your spelling words. Each letter of the word should start a word in the sentence. For example, a mnemonic sentence for the word throw might be Ted has rented one wheelbarrow.

24.  Use each spelling word in a sentence that shows its meaning.

25.  Write the definition of each spelling word.