9th Grade English

Welcome to English 9!

I am very excited to have you in my classroom. This website will give updates on what we do daily in the classroom so that you can be up to date if you ever have to miss school.

Monday 8/24/10: Today the assignment was to complete The Letter of Introduction.

Tuesday 8/25/10: Today the assignment was to start the Reading Diagnostic Test. This is to assess your reading level.

Wednesday 8/26/10: We completed the Reading Diagnostic Test, issued textbooks, and completed a literary scavenger hunt worksheet.

Thursday 8/27/10: We went over the scavenger hunt worksheet and class syllabus. I also introduced some literary terms via PowerPoint to the class.

Friday 8/28/10: Completed JUMBO sized flash cards for literary terms.

Monday 8/30/10: Did a Literary terms pretest and went over it. With a partner students looked up additional literary terms.

Tuesday 8/31/10: Started "The Most Dangerous Game" pg 19

Wednesday 9/1/10: Finished reading "The Most Dangerous Game"

Thursday 9/2/10: Students finished a worksheet that required them to put quotes from the story in the order in which they were said.

Friday 9/3/10: Students began creating a map of Ship Trap Island and including all of Rainsford's travels on the island. They used the sequencing worksheet to know which events to include on the map (14 total).

Tuesday 9/7/10 : Students will complete their map.

Wednesday 9/8/10: Test Review

Thursday 9/9/10: "The Most Dangerous Game" Test

Friday 9/10/10 2nd period began reading "The Scarlet Ibis" and 3rd period began reading "The Interlopers"

Monday 9/13/10 Students finished reading their stories (2nd pd "The Scarlet Ibis" and 3rd "The Interlopers")

Tuesday 9/14/10 Students completed a story map on their story.

Wednesday 9/15/10 2nd period learned about symbolism and completed a worksheet on symbolism. 3rd period discussed conflic and began writing stories that included three different types of conflict.

Thursday 9/16/10 2nd period created pictures that represented symbols found within "The Scarlet Ibis" 3rd period illustrated their stories.

Friday 9/17/10 Students took a reading interest survey and were introduced to their vocabulary books.