10th Grade English

Welcome to English 10!

I am very excited to have you in my classroom. This website will give updates on what we do daily in the classroom so that you can be up to date if you ever have to miss school.

Monday 8/23/10 Students wrote a letter of introduction so that I could better get to know them.

Tuesday 8/24/10 Students took a reading diagnostic test to assess their reading level and ability.

Wednesday 8/25/10 Students finished the reading diagnostic test. Students were issued textbooks and completed an assignment on the short story "The Open Window" in their literature book. Students had to name the setting, characters, and plot of the story.

Thursday 8/26/10 As a class we took short story elements review notes. We then went over the answers to "The Open Window" assignment from yesterday and began reading "The Monkey's Paw". We then went over the class syllabus.

Friday 8/27/10 We finished reading "The Monkey's Paw" and began filling out a story map for the story. Students were also instructed to name what type of characters were in the story (round, dynamic, etc.) and what type of conflicts were in the story (internal and external).

Monday 8/30/10 Quiz on short story element notes. Discussed homework and "The Monkey's Paw".

Tuesday 8/31/10 Students  created their own story where the monkey's paw messed up three of their own wishes. Students placed their student on a story map.

Wednesday 9/1/10 Students worked in groups putting the best original story in their group in a plot diagram

Thursday 9/2/10 Students began the review for "The Monkey's Paw"

Friday 9/3/10 Finished and went over review for "The Monkey's Paw"

Tuesday 9/7/10 Test on "The Monkey's Paw" and read "Through the Tunnel"

Wednesday 9/8/10: Reading check quiz on "Through The Tunnel" and notes on writing a personal narrative

Thursday 9/9/10: Create a story map for their personal narrative and complete a story map for "Through the Tunnel"

Friday 9/10/10 Students compiled a list of differences found in their story maps. Each group presented their differences and the class created  a master story map from each group compilations. Students worked on their introduction paragraph for their personal narrative.

Monday 9/13/10 Students wrote paragraphs 2-4 of their personal narrative.

Tuesday 9/14/10 Students began reading "Leiningen Vs The Ants" on page 550. Students began forming their final paragraph for their personal narrative.

Wednesday 9/15/10 Students finished reading  "Leiningen vs the Ants".

Thursday 9/16/10 Studentes completed a worksheet on the "Leiningen vs The Ants"

Friday 9/17/10 Students worked on their final drafts.