My name is Jessica and I just recently graduated from Walsh University. My degree is in Early Chilhood and Early Childhood Intervention Specialist. Throughout my time at Walsh University I learned a great deal of information about the teaching profession and I am excited to begin my career and use the information that was given to me. I have spent over 700 hours in different classrooms while attending Walsh. I have been able to observe classroom, tutor children, assist teachers and take on full responsiblities as a classroom teacher in my student teaching experience. My student teaching experience was wonderful and I realized how excited I am to have my own classroom. The first 7 weeks of my student teaching were completed at Madge Youtz Elementary in Canton City. This classroom consisted of 20 kindergarten students in a regular education setting. My second placement was at Eastgate Early Childhood Center in Stark County Board of DD. This classroom was an autism unit which consisted of 11 students. I am very fortunate that my student teaching experience allowed me to grow as a teacher. I was able to apply my own ideas and teach as if it was my own classroom. I was also very fortunate because I was able to collaborate with other teachers, parents and students. Communication and collaboration are necessary to have a functional and respectful class enviroment.