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Homework Policy

          Homework will be given to the students Monday through Thursday.  There will not be homework to be completed over a weekend.  Unless otherwise specified, homework will be due on the morning after it is assigned.  Homework is to be completed at home and therefore must be turned in each day before morning recess to receive full credit.  Homework assignments will be displayed for students to copy into their planners each day.  Please check your child’s planner.  Homework assignments will be given on a daily basis and will follow this general schedule:


Monday night’s homework will include the weekly spelling list and spelling practice  options. Students will be expected to use the list provided to complete one of the homework options described on the Spelling Activities card.  The student must return the assignment on Tuesday morning.  The list should stay at home to study for the Spelling post-test at the end of the week.  In the case of a Monday holiday, the Spelling homework will usually come home on Tuesday.

Tuesday - Thursday


Students will be given assignments each day to reinforce a skill or topic covered in class.  These assignments will rarely involve textbooks.  Math assignments will come home nearly nightly.  The children may access the Student Reference Book by logging on to .  The website also has many of the math games we play in class.  




Each week the children will be given a cursive writing assignment to practice proper formation of cursive letters, words, phrases, etc.  The children will need to complete the entire week’s assignment and return it by Friday.  Cursive may be turned in early if you wish.      

Students will also receive weekly vocabulary homework from their Reading Intervention Group teacher.  Their assignment will be to write vocabulary sentences for each of the words in an effort to learn their meanings.  Please remember that  vocabulary sentences must show that the student knows the proper meaning and usage of the word.  Vocabulary tests will be given on Fridays unless otherwise specified.




Students will be asked to supplement their efforts in Reading.  They will be required to read a minimum of 100 pages a week in a book or books of an appropriate reading level.  A Book Log will be provided for students to list their reading for the month.  This ongoing assignment will be supplemented with a monthly reading book project.  Book projects will be due on the last school day of each month. 




Your child will also need to practice playing his/her musical instrument at home.  Once the program is up and running, Mr. Traugh will send home practice records for the students to record their practice time.  The recommendation is 100 minutes per week.


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