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Big Projects Page

Big Projects Page

What big project are we working on right now?.......

This year we have a couple of big family projects scheduled.  In October and November, we will be working on our California Native American Tribes project.  During this project, the students will be assigned a tribe to study.  The information packet which will be made available online and sent home with the students will give very specific instructions about what the students need to include in their reports.  The students will also be doing oral reports so that they may share some of the interesting things they have learned about their tribe with other students.  The students are welcome to make posters to help with their oral presentations.

Later in the year, shortly after Winter Recess, we will begin our California Mission Projects.  Each studetn will be assigned a mission to study.  Again, we will make available online and send home a very detailed packet describing exactly what needs to be included in the report and all of the specifications for the mission models the studetns will be constructing.  Please note that missions are assigned randomly, so please do not try to begin the assignment until your student brings home their assignment sheet.  We will also be having a California Missions day during which the students will present their missions to each other and then we will open a Missions museum in the Multi-Purpose Room for everyone to come see the wonderful projects we have put together.

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