GRADE 5 September/October


A new school year has begun, and grade 5 is well into their routine.Each student has pondered and written a goal or two of what they want to achieve this year.I explained to the class that my goal for them for the year is to become better problem-solvers and to increase their vocabularyskills.Grade 5 is using their notebooks to help them become successful by writing a goal each day and applying seatwork and homework to that particular goal.Grade 5 uses the Weekly Reader to keep informed of the current events that are happening.We will keep all 24 issues in a folder,and at the end of the year they can bring them home. For now they stay in class for future use.Test folders will come on Tuesday evenings.Please review the folder,sign it only once a week and RETURN all graded papers back in the folder.This is important because on Wednesdays I give the students an opportunity to ask me any and all questions that they may have on a particular paper.They need the graded papers in front of them to do so.I thank you for this cooperation.All assignments short and long term are written in the agenda.Please sign the agenda every night including Fridays because that is where long-range projects and tests for the following week will be written.All communciations can be done in the agenda.I will try and answer you as soon as I can.Periodically review the handbook in the front of the agenda,also.I am looking forward to working together to make this a very successful year for all!

Hope to see everyone at the Home & School meeting on September 17th.


Mrs.Janet Garrett