Introduction to Course

EDL – 607

Site-Based Leadership

Spring 2011

International Graduate Programs for Educators
Buffalo State, SUNY (State University of New York)

Program: International Graduate Programs for Educators

Instructor: Julie Gray, Ph.D.

Department: Educational Leadership, Policy, and Technology Studies

Telephone: 205.348.7826 (office)

Title: Site-Based Leadership

Office Address: 307d Graves Hall

Course Number: EDL 607

Course Format: EDL 607 will be taught from 3:00 to 7:00 Mondays through Friday, and 9-1:00 on Saturdays beginning March 12 and ending March 24th; Online follow-up sessions and activities will be scheduled as needed.

Office Hours:

before and after class or by appointment


Graduate Credit Hours: 3

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CATALOG COURSE DESCRIPTION AND PREREQUISITES:  This course is designed to prepare prospective educational administrators for grades P-12 to provide instructional leadership for continuous improvement of schools.  The course focuses on the principles of school administration and leadership, the changing role of site leadership as it relates to the dominant themes of leadership, change, shared decision making, school characteristics, standards-based education, and student achievement. 

CONCEPTUAL FRAMEWORK:  The College of Education prepares practitioners who understand the purposes of education and have the ability to engage in the ongoing processes of reflection and dialogue that lie at the heart of socially-responsible, theoretically-informed, and research-based effective practice.