Grade Policy


An Ideal of the Grading System for Course. The percentages listed represent grades in a class with a standard curve. That seldom happens in reality, of course, so there will most likely be a slight variance in the actual percentages awarded for each grade. Please note that the Attendance Policy for this class can affect the actual grade you receive.

A = 90-100 %     B = 80- 89 %     C = 70- 79 %      D = 60- 69 %      F  = 59 % or less

Scoring Rubric for Course

 A -  Exceeds the minimal expectations for graduate level work. Clear evidence of additional preparation. Scholarly and professional content and appearance.

 B -  Complete in the context of the assignment without technical or content errors. Good content quality and acceptable technical standards.

 C - Completed in the context of the assignment but with some technical or content errors. Meets basic terms of the assignment.

 D -  Less than basic terms of the assignment or with more than average number of content and/or technical errors. Poor quality.

 F -  Unacceptable for graduate level work or does not meet the terms of the assignment.

Makeup, Revision and Resubmission - Due to time constraints the variety and number of possible assignments, no makeup, revision, or resubmission of work can be accepted.  There will be some flexibility through online activities throughout the course.

Extra Credit - A portion of the grade (participation) is determined by the instructor regarding the quality of your preparation for, contribution to, and participation in class activities, attitude as a functioning member of this class, and your observable commitment to developing your potential as a leader. However, no extra credit assignments will be given.