My 39 Clues Report Website


My name is Jahari Jones and this is my report on The 39 Clues: One False Note by Gordon Korman.



This book has many settings. Even though the story takes place in current times, the characters travel from Vienna Austria to Venice, Italy looking for the secound clue.


One of the major themes from the book is never go where you are forbidden to go because you can get in very big trouble.  An example is when Amy and Dan found a secret entrance to a art museum under a CD shop that only people in the Janus branch can enter. So Amy and Dan got in huge trouble because they were not allowed to be there. When they were caught in the art museum, the Janus' started chasing them all over the city. If they were caught they would be in danger.



Main Characters

The main characters are Amy, Dan and their au pair, Nellie Gomez,

There is  also Jonah Wizard (Janus) and his father.  All the main characters are looking for the 39 clues.

Amy : She is 14 years old. Her parents are dead and her grandmother never told her what branch of the family she came from.  She onlyhas her brother Dan for family. She's smart and always thinks of a plan and loves to play the panio.

Dan : He's 11 years old and loves to experiment although in action and when they have problems, he just wings it. He is an orphan as well having only Amy as family. He hopes that he and his sister Amy will win the 39 clues, which is a contest so that they can find out what part of the family they are in.

The family has many branches.  There are the Janus family which are all artists.  The Kabras who are skilled and are in the military, policemen or detectives. 



This book series is about a big family with differint branches. The branches are fighting to get all 39 clues. They want to find all the 39 clues becasue it can be a way to get world domination. The Cobras and the Jonah Wizard really want this power. I think they want this power for bad, even though they don't really say that int he book. Amy and Dan was to find the 39 clues because they are fromt he poor part of the family.  I think they want to stop the other branches of the family from getting the domination power. In this book Amy and Dan find the second clue.

Plot Summary

The book The 39 Clues One: False Note is a story about Amy , Dan, Jonah and Jonah'a father who are looking  for the second of 39 clues. They find out that Mozart had a sister and his sister had a secret diary in a library near a hotel. The diary was important becasue they thought it might have a clue in there.  They went to find it but it but the diary was not there.  So, Amy and Dan went to the hotel that jonah was staying at and found the diary in the glass chandelier in Jonah's hotel room. But when Nellie was translating the diary she found that three pages were missing. After that Amy and Dan went to Venice, Italy where they followed Jonah while he was in his limo.Then Amy and Dan found him in to a CD shop with a cd player that opens a trapdoor to a art museum. All of the Janus family was there. They stole the missing pages.

Then Amy and Dan went to the art museum where there was a harpsicord that Mozart played when he was living. there they found the missing diary pages. One of the missing diary pages said "D > HIC."  they found out that the D key on the harpsicord was boobytrapped. When Ian Kabra, one of the rich family members, pressed the D key, the harpiscord exploded! You see Ian and his sister Natialie had been following Amy and Dan since they took the train from Vienna undetected.

While Ian and Natalie were passed out from the explosion, Amy played the rest of the notes from the clue on the brokena nd partly on fire harpiscord.  The floor beneath them began to shake. There below was a fake room with Samurai swords. Johah and Amy figured out that the swords were made of Tungsten and were crafted in Japan.  They decided to head to Tokyo to find the next clue.


My Opinion

My opinion is I think there should be more characters. I believe this because it was a little tiring to me as the reader only reading about the same few people meeting and talking in the book.
I am not a fan of the character, Jonah.  He needed to be a little bit less hip than he is in this book.  His cool language was not very cool. 

I would recommend this book because to someone because there is a lot of action and excitement.  there are many problems and sticky situations that keep the story interesting,