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How is wool yarn made?

The wool fiber is made from the sheep. Sheep breeding and the processing of wool fiber are more expensive methods than the growing of plant fibers. Wool fabrics are also more costly than cotton and linen.

Hair fibers have all the characteristics of fur and are usually more costly than wool. The hair fibers developed by certain animals are;

  • The Camel Hair
  • The Mohair (Obtained from Angora goat)
  • The Kashmiri (Obtained from Kashmiri goat)
  • Please calla (Obtained from Camel like animal)
  • The Alpaca (Obtained from domesticated animal that resembles Llama)

What are the wool yarns?

Woolen yarns are indeed dense and made of short staple wool. The fibers in the woolen yarn are kept loosely and exposed to only a minimal or less twist while spinning. These yarns are knit into heavier, bulkier fabrics such as coats, sweaters, dresses, blankets, etc. The cumulative total length of woolen yarn is something that can be spun from one pound is 54 hanks and each of 256 yards. Woolen Fabric Online India is easily available.

Wool is coming from the sheep. They develop a wool coat, and this whole wool overcoat is sheared out off the animal's body about once a year. This is mostly achieved somewhere in the winter and early spring just out before they have some of their own lambs. A shorn ewe really is more likely to keep all out of the prevailing wind and therefore the adverse weather to cover her newborn lamb though if maybe she just still does not have a heavy wool coat upon both her and. You can set up a business and order Knitting Yarn Online India.


Blending refers to the method of mixing small quantities of the same fiber taken from different lots in order to produce a consistent product. Mixing of wool is performed to blend fibers of various backgrounds, weight, thickness or color to produce yarn. Knitting Wool Online India will give you the best quality.


The woolen fibers are then placed into a sequence of combing steps called carding. It is often actually done mostly with machine called drums completely covered only with "card cloth" which also combs again the wool several times by moving it back and forth from the one drum to the other as perhaps the new series of drums however is passed down. We also got "woolen" cards that create a wool network of fibers falling off in random orientation. All of this is in sharp contrast again to the "worsted" combing that either lines all the fibers together. Acrylic Yarn Manufacturers in Ludhiana will give you the stock in reasonable rates.

Roving up

The final phase of the carding entire process splits the web into short strips simply called pencil roving. They are actually collected mostly on large spools at the end of the whole card. All these pencil roving spools then will be mounted on the rapidly spinning frame to create the yarn. If you Buy Yarn Online India, then it would also save you some money.

Finishing up

There are several ways to end the yarn. But it is sometimes important to extract the lubricant by cleaning, which often "sets the twist" so that the fibers can be opened, fluffed out and made of a loftier yarn. Often the yarn is dyed or knitted straight from the cone shape and is therefore washed away and completely blocked as cloth, hats, sweaters, etc.