The "Mews"

February 4, 2011

Hello Families,

Wow...there are a lot of adjustments we have had to make within the past couple of weeks. Some things were rules that we had in the past (i.e. computer schedules, no food from home at school, washing our hands once we enter the building/class, etc.) Of course there are times when we all fall out of the practice of good habits...we're human. However, we must also understand that they are here for our safety. Thus, we have the new rules about school bags. They must be locked in the storage bins provided in our classroom. Please be sure to help your kids get what they need out of their bags in the morning (such as DS games or coloring tools they plan to use at rest time, along with homework), then lock the bags away.

Change can be unsettling for anyone, especially kids. Let's do our best to help them with these old and new rules.


Ms. Kata