Advanced Physics



 Welcome! I hope you are beginning this year with a positive attitude and a determination to learn. I hope to make this class interesting and fair. My purpose is to give you the best education possible. I expect your best, and I will help you do your best. I believe the first step to success is to be organized and to know what is expected of you. Below is a syllabus of my class, I hope you learn and enjoy this class.

TEXT:  PHYSICS (Glencoe)

DESCRIPTION:  Advanced Physics is an advanced level course that is an elective designed for students who have completed Physical Science and desire a broader, in-depth study of physics content beyond those studied in Physical Science.  As a college preparatory course, Advanced Physics  is a laboratory driven, advanced study of nature’s universal laws with emphasis on process skills, using 21st century skills.  This course is designed to build upon and extend the Physical Science concepts, skills, and knowledge from the science program.  The course emphasizes a mathematical approach to the area of mechanics, thermodynamics, light and optics, electricity and magnetism and modern physics.  Students will engage in active inquires, investigations, and hands-on activities for a nearly half of the instructional time to develop conceptual understanding and research/laboratory skills as they evaluate the academic requirements and prepare for occupational opportunities in engineering and technology.  Safety instruction is integrated into all activities. 

TOPICS OF STUDY:                        

1. The Science of Physics

2. Motion in One Dimension                       

3. Two Dimensional Motion and Vectors            

4. Forces and the Law of Motion     

5. Work and Energy           

6. Momentum and Collisions        

7. Rotational Motion and the Law of Gravity     

8. Rotational Equilibrium and Dynamics                    

9. Fluid Mechanics          

10. Heat/ Thermodynamics      

11. Sound/ Vibrations/ Waves     

12. Light/Reflection/ Refraction             

13. Electric Forces and Fields      

14. Current and Resistance         

15. Circuits            

16. Magnetism 

FOOD, DRINKS AND ANY TYPE OF CARDS ARE NOT ALLOWED IN THIS CLASSROOM!SUPPLIES:  A loose-leaf notebook with paper, your textbook, your student handbook, a writing utensil, and a TI 84 Plus or TI 89 calculator (a must) are all daily requirements in this class. NO SPIRAL NOTEBOOKS OR SPIRAL PAPER MAY BE USED. Being organized is very important!!!


1. Get to class on time. Be in your assigned seat before the tardy bell.

2. No food or drink allowed in this classroom.

3. Do not sit on the tables, counters, windowsills or heating/ cooling units.           

4. Bring all supplies daily.           

5. Do not get into cabinets or teacher desk unless instructed to do so.           

6. Keep the floor and desk area clean.           

7. Do not prop your feet up on tables or chairs.            

8. Raise your hand and be called on before talking.           

9. Push your chair in before exiting the room.           

10. During a test if a cell phone as much as comes out of your pocket it will be an automatic 50 points off. 

FAILING STUDENTS:  If you are really trying your best in my class, and are still failing, you need to come and see me immediately. A student who is trying their best is one who completes his/her assignment. If you do not understand the work, I expect you to ask for help in the class. If you need a learning partner, I will assign you one. First and foremost: I need to know, and I will assist you. I do not want anyone to fail! I do want you to learn and I will do everything possible and legal to help you. Remember you must be showing effort by completing your assignments.

ABSENCES:   If you are absent and miss an assignment or test, it is your responsibility to make up the work. According to the Boone County Schools attendance policy you have 1X the number of days missed to make up work. If an assignment is graded on the day you were absent, I expect you to have it ready to grade on the second day after you return to my class. There will be an assignment log kept for this class and it is your responsibility to find out what was missed and get any handouts missed. If you missed a test you must see ME for a test makeup date. All assignments not made up in the correct amount of days will result in a “0” grade. A daily grade can be given based on participation, safety and completion of assignment.

GRADING SCALE:  Your grade is based on the point system with various assignments being worth different amounts of points. At the end of the semester, I add these points together and divide them by the total points possible. Then compare them to the following scale:

100 – 93  = A             

92 – 86  = B             

85 – 77  = C             

76 - 70  = D             

69 or below = F

If you do not complete an assignment it is impossible to add points for that assignment and it will put you at a great disadvantage, when all points are added together.

CHEATING: Cheating means to fraudulently obtain one’s work or to give one’s work to another with the purpose of deception. All cheating incidents will be reported to parents. Anyone caught looking at another person’s paper or calculator during an exam or graded assignment, or copying someone else’s work will be given a “0” for that assignment.

BOOKS:  Your book for this class: PHYSICS will cost approximately $32.50 to replace. I will keep a close watch on books by checking them often. Do not write in your book. Do not fold the pages over. You are not allowed to store your book in my room, so do not attempt to do so.

NOTEBOOK: You are required to keep a notebook in this class, which will include:

  1. Daily word reviews.
  2. SAT reviews.
  3. Daily notes.
  4. Handouts.
  5. Labs and Problems.
RESEARCH PAPER:   Every student is required to complete a research paper. The last page of this syllabus gives details about the paper. You will be given class time for research and to work on your presentation and paper.