Classroom Rules

4th/5th Grade Rules:

1) Treat others as you wish to be treated (Golden Rule!)

2) If personal problems persist, tell me (or a counselor)

3) Be willing to try new things

4) Always give it your best.

5) Find something to be passionate about (and hold onto it)


4th/5th Grade Procedures:

1) Expect to work with your classmates everyday, pick your table partners wisely!

2) For each brief lesson, be attentative and take notes.

3) When working with partners, absolute compassion is necessary.

4) If the rules are too confusing, do not be afraid to ask for help (there are probably others out there that will thank you!)

5) When other students are presenting, they are the only ones speaking. Same goes for the teacher :)


7th/8th Grade Rules:

1) Treat others as you wish to be treated (Golden Rule)

2) Do not let personal problems distract you from what is important, talk to a counselor (or me) before they get out of hand.

3) Act the way you would be proud for your mother to see.

4) Spread kindness, not hate, and it will spread with you (and come back to you, too. Karma!)

5) GIve it 100%, and I will make everyday interesting too. (Even if you can't, I still will!)


7th/8th Grade Procedures:

1) Before the class bell rings, be in your seat and ready to listen.

2) Daily catch-up will be listed on the board, take notes in journal.

3) During group work, be the leader of the group and help the others out.

4) During (brief) lessons, be attentative and take notes.

5) During presentations, be appreciative and attenative of other students and they will do the same!


Great Rules Video: