Management Behavior Intervention

Positive Reinforcment we will use in our classroom:

FIrstly, I want the parents to know this type of positive reinforcment is not exclusive to myself, the teacher, but to the entire classroom. We will all be partaking in positive reinforcment conduct to eachother, in an attempt to teach both compassion and good manners. We are almost high schoolers now, it's time to act like it!


Our Philosphy:

1) Appreciate each other's work, often and honestly. 

2) Avoid basic compliments, (if it doesn't help you, it doesn't help anyone else!) 

3) Focus on the hard work each of us put into our assignments, instead of the beauty end goal.

4) Appreciating good design is equally as important as appreciating hard work.

5) Recognize each other as equals fighting to learn, and lift each other up when times get tough!


Negative reinforcement is not a goal, nor is it a system we will ever use towards each other on purpose. Instead, the consequences of failing to complete tasks will have to exist solely to illustrate to students that their work has consequences as they grow older, andn failing to complete assignments can have consequences in their later lives at work, at home, etc. We will never use negative affirmations in this classroom!


1) Failure to complete assignment will result in points taken away, at about 10 points per class period (depending on the importance of the assignment). I will speak to you if you miss an assignment about completing it.

2) Treating another student rudely, whether intentional or not, is not acceptable in our classroom. We will have discussions between each other at first, but if it continues the punishment can escalate to the principal, or worse (parents).

3) Any type of "above-and-beyond" behavior utilized to hurt another student, both physically and mentally, will not be tolerated. We are all struggling to learn here together, our goal is lift each other up, not put each other down. There will be academic, and possibly worse, punishments for failing to adhere to our high standards.