Homework is given EVERY SINGLE DAY in my classroom and is due the next day unless otherwise noted.  If for some reason students are not receiving homework on a given date I will write a note to be sent home but those instances of not getting homework will be rare.  Students also earn the chance to get "no homework passes".  One "no homework pass" is only good on ONE piece of homework.  Homework is a way to get students to practice what they have been learning. Homework is also part of being a responsible student and making sure it is completed and returned the next day.


Students are expected to have their homework each day and if it is not returned they lose out on free time and the homework is still due the next day.  Each piece of homework counts as losing minutes of free time and the more they miss the more free minutes time they lose.  The minutes add up and are not erased until the students have completed the homework and owed me their free time.  I believe this system holds students accountable and gives them free time only when they have completed necessary responsibilities such as homework.