The plot follows from the book,"The son of Neptune",When the Argo2 lands At the camp named 'Camp Jupiter' With the 5 people -Annebeth Chase,Jason Grace,Piper Maclean,Leo Valdez,And choch Gleeson Hedge,to find Percy Jackson.When they climb down a ladder,from their flying ship,The Argo2,Percy Jackson is waiting there,with his two new friends Hazel Levesque,and Frank Zhang.

     Renya,The current camp Preator,takes Annebeth aside to warn her that the Allience of the Greeks and the Romans could go horribaly wrong,and that Annebeth,being the Daughter of Athena,she is a sore subject to the Romans,because it has something to do with why they are enemies in the first place.

    Then,out of nowere,The Argo2 fires on New Rome,making Octavian to declair war agianst the Greeks,and to invade the greek camp,'Camp Half Blood'.

    They then repair the ship,and take off to Complete their quest.They need 3 romans,Jason,Hazel,and Frank,and 4 Greeks,Percy,Annebeth,Piper,and Leo,to complete the the 7 of them repair the ship,and set off to the original greece,home of the monsters,and Tautorus,toclose the doors of death,to keep the dead in Tautorus.