Homework and Grading Policies

Lerch Elementary School Homework Policies: (the following are the homework policies as determined by the school and district)

First Grade Expectations

1. To practice and reinforce developing reading skills by reading/re-reading familiar books, new books at the child's level and child made books.

2.  To preparefor/extend thematic concepts we are focusing on.  (For example: during an apple theme, we might send home the following: "What can you do with an apple?  Brainstorm as a family and send in your three most original ideas!"; or in a science unit on properties of matter, the students might be asked to bring in a list of three things made of metal, plastic and wood that they found in their kitchens.)

 3.  To practice/reinforce developing math concepts.  For example, when working on sorting, we might ask parents to have their children help sort laundry or put away groceries to have real life experience of this skill.

4.  Homework is a cooperative effort between parents and students.

5.  Homework should take no more than 10-20 minutes.

6.  Homework is expected to be completed on time.


First Grade

Grades:  Grades for first grade will be given in 3 forms:  "N" for needs improvement, "S" for satisfactory, and "E" for outstanding performance.  Report cards will be given out every 10 We will be working with every child in the classroom to get that child to achieve a satisfactory grade in  all areas by the end of the school year.  It is important as a parent to work together with your child at home in areas of need to help us achieve this goal.  There will be extra support provided after school each day for any students in need of added support.  Please feel free to talk to me about these services if you believe your child may need extra help.