Classroom Jobs


Teacher Assistant: completes all secretarial jobs that need to be done.

Messenger: takes notes to the office or runs errands around the school.

Homework Checker: checks in students' homework and reports missing assignments to the teacher.

Librarian: keeps book shelves organized.

Computer Technician: turns on and shuts down classroom computers

Equipment Manager: keeps track of playground equipment

Payroll Clerk: issues checks to students at the end of every pay period (Of course the teacher will have the sign the checks)

Travel Agent: keeps track of field trip permission slips

Meteorologist: gives daily weather report to the class

Mail Delivery Person: passes out notes to go home with students in cubbies or mailboxes

Newscaster: reports on current events at class meeting

Pet Caretaker: feeds and takes care of classroom pets

Operator: answers the phone when the teacher is working with small groups or students

Classroom Custodian: erases the board, cleans erasers, waters plants, etc.

Banker: works as the bank teller on shopping days

Cashier: serves customers at the class store on shopping days

Economist: studies consumer behavior on shopping days and gives a market report

Line Leader: leads the class to lunch, specials, assemblies, etc.

Caboose: stands last in line and turns off lights when the class leaves the room

Substitute: performs jobs for absent students