All the important information that you need to know about merchant navy.

So you actually want to be an officer within the merchant navy? You must have heard all the tales about getting paid to go to different places, haven't you? What about the tales about the woman at each and every port? And you've probably heard about the fascinating life that the sailors lead, correct? Is it true that these stories exist? Do you believe you have what it takes to sail the higher seas? So, I'm here to actually tell you all about the Actual merchant navy; several things that you've heard are genuine, while others are not. Many of the individuals been actually sailing for 30 years, so you can easily get an insider's perspective.


As the name implies, merchant ships transport goods. Cargo might include containers, oil, people, animals, massive ore, and so on.


So, what exactly is the merchant navy's appeal? Money and international travel are usually the first two things that spring to mind. Other advantages include tax-free income, rapid promotions, and an interesting life. The major attraction, though, is a solid pay. You get big pay checks and don't have to pay taxes. Merchant Navy Training can easily be done.


You begin earning a large income at an early age. Don't quote us on the number because it depends totally upon the type of ship as well as the business you join! Officers are typically hired on a contractual basis. Junior officers are on the board for 4-6 months, while the senior officers are on board for 3 to 4 months. You can go to the best Merchant Navy Institute in India.


Some firms pay you all year, while others just pay you during the holidays. Your yearly pay, nevertheless, will stay the same. Why do the ship owners actually pay you so much? Isn't there going to be a catch? The catch is that you are needed to be away from the home for lengthy periods of time. Actually, you actually spend the majority of your time at water rather than on the land. Yes, you get to go to other countries, but times have changed. It's not like you arrive at a harbour and everyone walks ashore. Merchant Navy Institute will always help you out.



Work always continues in shifts, with each officer and crew member operating in turn. You are totally free to go ashore after your watch is through, but remember that you must return to work after your particular shore leave. So you may either sleep or otherwise go ashore. Work upon a ship is never done. The ship owner makes money as long as the particular ship is doing something - sailing, loading / unloading cargo. Merchant Navy Colleges in India are actually reasonable. Port visits have been reduced significantly, thus the ship is only in port for a brief period of time. In general, this is dependent on the sort of ship. Container ships are particularly in the port for some hours, oil tankers for specifically 24 hours, as well as cargo ships and otherwise bulk carriers are all in the port for a longer period of time. Top Merchant Navy Colleges in India has been doing an excellent work.