Do you want to make carer in merchant navy then take admission in the merchant navy course

So what is the great attraction of the merchant navy that most of student after 10+2 class like there are 2 reasons to take admission in Institute Marine Engineering Rajasthan: Good pay scale and travel abroad. There are other benefits, such as tax-free income, quick promotions, and exciting lives. But a good salary is the main temptation. Receive a fat check and do not pay taxes (if you stay outside the country for more than 6 months in the fiscal year). After this course you can begin earning a big pay at a very youthful age.

As an example, the starting salary of a 22-year-old third officer or fourth technician (most officers on board) in an oil tanker is over $ 2000 a month (to say the least). This amount depends on the type of ship and the company you are participating in. Officers who pass this course from Top Merchant Navy Colleges in India usually work on a contract basis. Junior officers contract for 4-6 months, senior officer’s contract for 3-4 months.


Some companies pay salaries all year round, while others pay only during the voyage. However, the annual salary does not change. Why do ship owners pay so high (relatively speaking)? You need to catch it, right? The catch is that you are not at home for a long time. In fact, I spend most of my time on the sea, not on land. Certainly you can visit foreign countries, but now the situation has changed. It’s not like everyone who arrives at the port and land.

Working of Merchant Navy officer

Continue working with all officers / crew working in shifts (monitor as we call). Once you've completed your watch, you can land freely, but remember that you need to get back from the beach vacation to work. So you sleep or land. Work on the ship and never stop. As long as the ship is doing something-sailing, loading and unloading, making money for the ship owner. Since the port has dropped considerably, the ship is in the port for a short time. Of course, this depends on the type of ship you are in.

Container ships enter the port for hours (yes for hours), and 24-hour oil tankers, cargo ships and bulk carriers stay longer at the port. Port clocks usually take 6 hours 6 hours off, work 6 hours, 6 hours, and return to work. Therefore, it is not possible to land in all ports because it is necessary to rest someday.

Merchant Navy Courses After 12th

There are many Marine Engineering Colleges which offer this course after 10+2 but to take admission in these colleges one has to pass the entrance test. Requirement is that you must pass 10+2 with physics, chemistry and math as compulsory subjects.

So to take admission in Top Merchant Navy Colleges In Jaipur, students need to do hard work and need to qualify for the admission.