Get detail about Merchant Navy career

If you are a science student or engineering student and love to outdoor and journey, Merchant Navy is a best option for you. Merchant navy jobs are one of the highly paid salaries in world. 

Merchant Navy career after 12th  

After 12th, the interested student can choose following Career for Merchant Navy

  1. As Deck  Officer
  2. As an Engineer
  3. As maritime catering
  4. Merchant Navy Colleges in India


Before joining the Merchant Navy, it is advice that checks the Merchant Navy Colleges in India and chooses best colleges on the basis of infrastructure, fees, labs and placement rate.

Merchant Navy Courses After 12th 


After completing the 12th following courses are available for students


  1. Sc. in  Nautical Science 
  2. Diploma in Nautical Science (Leads to a B.Sc. Nautical Science. Duration is 1 year)
  3. Maritime Catering Course (6 Months)
  4. Sc. in Marine Catering (3 Years)


Job Profiles:-

Courses of the specialization Maritime Transport trains him in coastal and high seas navigation. They are the ones who operate Merchant Navy vessels (Merchant Navy Officer) as Captain. The position of captain in Merchant Navy allows the command of ships devoted to any kind of navigation, without tonnage limit. Such as:

-He carries out the management and direction of docks, shipyards and workshops

-Containerships carrying goods and manufactured products.

-Dry cargo ships carrying commodities such as iron and coal.

-Tankers that carry oil and chemical products.

-Cruises for the transport of passengers, tugboats or support vessels for the offshore industry.

-He deals with fluvial transport, fishing, oil exploitation and recreational boats.

- He operates the navigation instruments available on the bridge of a ship, using propulsion remote controls and machinery systems and services.

-He controls and operates ship-port communications and on-board security systems. He respects operation safety in different wind and current conditions, considering stability, propulsion systems and power supply.  Merchant Navy Career


He performs appropriate maneuvers and procedures for tasks such as:

  • Loading and unloading
  • Anchoring
  • Buoy Mooring
  • Towline
  • Docking and undocking
  • Transfer

He manages and interprets readings of electronic instruments for navigation, determining the ship’s position, the course, speed and distance during the voyage. He is responsible for the safety of the passengers, the crew and the vessel. He applies safety measures for the manipulation and storage of cargo, especially those potentially dangerous. He studies the behaviour of cargo with the movements of the vessel that would affect its stability and stowage. He applies safety principles established in the International Safety Code on board, such as:

-Fire Prevention

-Measures to reduce damage in case of fire or explosion on board.

- The control of the risks inherent to the tasks carried out on board.

-Precautions and preliminary action in case of collision or grounding.

-He manages maritime transport by addressing activities that take place in ports and from the port of origin to the port of destination.

Occupational Field

-Fiscal and private shipyards.


-Dockyard Workshops

-Naval Workshops

-Dry docks

-Fisheries Sector

-Companies devoted to the commercialization and manufacturing of marine spare parts.

-Metal processing industry.

-Public or private organizations that develop control activities or transport policies in ports and maritime terminals.

-Technical Advisory Offices (Shipbuilding Industry)

-Insurance companies

-Maritime and fluvial transport tourism companies