Merchant marine engineering

Merchant marine engineering

The merchant marine is a set of ships, ships or transatlantic that is used for the purpose of commercialization. That is to say from one country to another, where there are countless articles, instruments, objects, organic material and many other factors that are mobilized by sea.

It is also called merchant marine cruises that work with that method to obtain economic income. Since many people a year decides to undertake a marine trip that provides large economic investments.

Naval engineering: It is the branch of engineering that deals with the design, planning, project and construction of all floating material, such as ships, oil rigs and even wind fields far from the coast.




The Institute Marine Engineering Rajasthan includes engineering functions including creative project of the ship and floating structures, applied research, technical development in the fields of design. It also includes construction and management of production centres floating material (yards) as well as of the maintenance and repair of these.

The Naval Engineer today is a totally versatile engineer. He has knowledge of many fields of engineering, such as generation and transport of electrical energy, manufacture of naval engines and their installation, dynamic metal structures etc. You can download Navy Online Application Form for Naval Engineering.

There are few best Maritime courses  for Merchant Navy career after 12th  for getting Merchant Navy job

1 B.E./B.Tech. Marine Engineering

2 GME courses are  pre-seas  training course for Graduates student

3 B.Sc. Nautical Science

4 DME Course (Diploma Marine Engineering)

5 GP Rating course

6 Deck Rating course

7 Engine Rating course

8 Saloon Rating course

Career mission

Train professionals of excellence in Naval Engineering, with a wide cultural sensitivity, environmental and social ethics, with the capacity for critical thinking. They have management skills to solve the problems of their specialty, with skills to investigate and disseminate new knowledge and solve problems of sector, individually and as members of interdisciplinary groups.

Career educational objectives

Participated in significant ship projects leading multidisciplinary teams

Contributed to the development of technological tools to design vehicles and structures of the marine environment

Conducting technical activities demonstrating ethics, and, social, economic and environmental responsibility

Applied new technologies and knowledge to have kept updated in the area of ​​Naval Engineering

Advantages of merchant navy jobs

First, the salary scale is better for Merchant Marine jobs compared to other commonly found jobs. From the outset, Merchant Marine employees can expect a decent salary package. Some salaries based on seagoing activities also have many benefits and bonuses! In addition, merchant ships have the opportunity to travel around the world! Therefore, for those interested in visiting various parts of the world, doing such a job is a dream comes true!

A career in Merchant Navy offers:

High income (Tax-Free)

Quick promotions

Free accommodation and food while on board

Long vacations

Travel experience

Conclusion:  Working as a Merchant marine engineer or naval engineer is suitable for those who are passionate about ships and boats . It is a high-level profession , very varied and stimulating : naval engineers deal with 360 ° marine means of transport, from design to testing , from production to maintenance , and often hold managerial positions in the naval and nautical sector .Like other professions in the field of engineering, the naval engineer also has a competitive base salary , which increases with increasing responsibilities and experience.