Colorguard Syllabus

Auxiliary Class Syllabus
Revised August 2009


The purpose of this class is to refine the skills of the Lancer Dancers and Lancer Colorguard members in preparation for performances and competitions.

Weekly Class Schedule

Monday       Field Show                                         

Tuesday       Writing Assignment/Stadium Routines

Wednesday  Field Show

Thursday     Stadium Routines

Friday         Testing/Field Show



The following grading scale will be applied to this course:

100 – 95      A
94 – 89       B
88 – 80       C
79 – 70       D
69 – 0         F

Each student will receive at least 6 grades per marking period. These grades will consist of:

·         Performance Tests in class (usually on Fridays)
Performance Tests at football games and other performances
Written Tests (terminology, coordinate sheet reading, etc.)
·         Participation Grade at practices and events (performing full out, having coordinate sheets, having equipment) 

Demerit System

The demerit system will remain in place to monitor student behavior OUTSIDE of the classroom. Students will NOT affect the student’s grade, but will affect the student’s eligibility to audition for the following year.  

Class Absences

It will be the student’s responsibility to catch up on missed material if absent.  According to the Student Handbook, students are given 3 days to make up work after an EXCUSED absence.  The student should try to get a copy of missed assignment from another classmate OUTSIDE of class, not during.  

Supplies Needed

          1) Marble Notebook

          2) Pencils or pens 
3) Any other materials deemed appropriate by the instructors


All school rules and classroom rules will be strictly enforced.  The success of your child will depend on their attitude and behavior, as well as their capability. Their attention must be given at all times to understand the material.  Your child will be earning a unit of credit toward graduation and needs to realize the importance of success in this course.  The Shield will be assigned if any of the following are not followed.  1.     Disrespecting another person, or property.2.    Not having supplies – paper, pencil, etc.3.    Talking or roaming the classroom without permission.4.    Eating or drinking.5.    Use of prohibited devices – cell phones, mp3 players, etc.6.    Miscellaneous-anything not covered above that would cause disruptions in the learning process.