Demerit System

CLHS Trojan Lancer Band Auxiliary Demerit System 

  • Regular attendance and participation along with proper discipline are vital to the success of any organization. Therefore, it is necessary to have certain rules and regulations in place to hold the students accountable for their actions.
  • The band director, sponsors and staff have created a system so that students may know what is expected of them and the consequences they will face should they not meet these expectations.
  • Demerits will be issued by directors and/or instructors only. No staff member, band council member, or parent will be allowed to issue demerits.
  • If a member receives a demerit, they will be issued a slip that indicates the date, nature and value of the demerit. The slip must be signed by the auxiliary member and their parent and returned no later than the next scheduled practice. Returning slips late will result in an additional demerit being issued daily until the slip is returned.
  • Students begin the year with 0 demerits. Each time they do not meet one of the expectations listed in the chart below they will be issued the number of demerits that corresponds to that expectation.
  • Once a student has acquired 10 demerits, they will receive a warning letter that requires a parent signature. If they acquire 20 demerits they receive a second warning letter requiring a parent signature. If a student receives 30 demerits, the student is removed from the auxiliary unit.
  • If a student is removed from either auxiliary unit (dance or flag) due to demerit infractions, that student will forfeit their right to audition for either auxiliary unit for the following school year.
  • The Lancer Auxiliary Demerit System is as follows:
5Not having proper equipment (poms, correct flag, etc)
5Not having coordinate sheets
5Lack of participation/Refusal to participate
10Disrespect toward: directors, staff, chaperones, parents, other students, etc.
10Not in proper uniform
5Gum/Food/Drink at rehearsal or performance
5Wearing uniform improperly
5Improper use of Equipment
10Taking other people’s equipment
10Unexcused Absence at practice
15Unexcused Absence at performance
30Any act resulting in an out of school suspension