Rube Rubric

Physics Senior Project
Rube Goldberg Rubric

This senior project will be worth 2 grades. One grade will correspond to the construction of the machine. The other grade will correspond to the paper.

1.      Rube Goldberg Construction (100 Points) - You will design and build a Rube Goldberg device to crack an egg into a cup. You may work with up to two other people on this project from your class (any group of 3 or more must be approved by Ms. Guillot).

  • (50 points) The Rube Goldberg project shall not be dangerous and many not include: any explosions or explosive device that involve fire (No Guns, Potato Guns); no fire that produces a flame higher than 2 inches (a candle would be permitted); nothing that is illegal to own or operate on the premises; it shall fit through the door of Ms. Guillot’s classroom if being brought in to demonstrate; and it should be suitable to be done inside (it cannot produce any fumes); Commercial Rube Goldberg type devices such as MouseTrap or Marble Madness are allowed but only count as one step in your design. The other steps all must be constructed and contrived by you.
  • (20 Points) The device must include at least 10 separate steps. A step is what causes something else to happen. (I determine what constitutes a step. If you are not sure show me your sketch and I will tell you).
  • (10 Points) The device must include a least 4 different types of energy. These may include but are not limited to gravitational potiential energy, elastic potential energy, kinetic energy, thermal energy, and electrical energy.
  • (10 Points) By the due date below you must provide Ms. Guillot with evidence showing that you have started developing your project (sketch, photos, video, bring it in).
  • (10 Points) Device cracks an egg into a cup; on the first attempt. No Exceptions!

2.      Rube Goldberg Paper (100 Points)= You will write a group paper that includes the following:

  • (50 Points) a written and detailed description of the design. This should explain the process used to design and build it.
  • (20 Points) a written description of how you refined and tested your design. In the description you should identify the 4 different energy conversions.
  • (20 Points) a diagram, drawing, or artistic rendition, identifying the whole machine and each individual step in the design.
  • (10 Points) a list of the approximate hours spent in the construction of the design. (If with a partner this needs to be agreed on and signed by each partner.)