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Upcoming Events



  • December b-day celebrations - End of the month
  • Celebrate Assembly - Thursday, December 19th
  • READING CALENDAR DUE December 19th


  • Tickets for Chartwell’s Christmas dinner will be sold online and at the cafeteria. The dinner will be held on Tuesday, December 10th, and the cost is $6.95. Once again tickets are only sold this week (Friday, December 6th is the last day) in the cafeteria and online (go to to purchase).
  • Santa's Workshop, December 10th during period 2. 
  • BWC collecting food items for Christmas dinners- December 16th-19th.


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Inclement Weather Policy can be viewed here:

When students have a storm day, there are a number of activities and things they can do throughout the course of the day: read for 30 minutes or more (can be broken up throughout the day); review subject material from classes; review Math facts (additions, subtraction, multiplication and division). There are also great websites such as Raz kids and Prodigy, where students can reinforce reading and math skills. Helping neighbours during storm days is always a great way students can show their kindness and







Get 2 Months for $5!