Question and Answer

I. What does the male lion mane represent?

A. The lions male represents malehood, makes them look bigger and scarier, attracts female lions, and protects the neck and throat area when feuding with other male lions.

II. What do lions eat?

A. Lions eat wildebeest, worthogs, zebras, buffalo, deer, boar, waterbuck, birds, young rhinos, gazelles, hippos, and elephants.

III. What are lions playing strategies?

A. Females attack prey directly in groups of female lions. Males attack larger prey directly.

IV. Are there more than one type of lion?

A. 25% of lions are African lions,there are a species with a cross breed between a tiger and a lion called a liger, marozi, American lion, Cave lion, Asiatic Lion, Barbaric Lion, and the Cape lion.

V. What are lions related species?

A. The Spotted Hyena and Tigers.