1. Please visit Mrs. Amy's website at least twice a week for upcoming quizzes, tests, projects and homework assignments.

2.Please check your child’s planner every day to make sure they complete their homework. If they know you look at it, they will use it. If they don’t have anything in their planner…you may check the website for HW assignments.

3.   Mrs. Amy updates the grades on GRADESPEED every week, usually on Sunday evenings.  Also, unofficial progress reports will be given to each student every Monday.

4. Your child should spend about half to an hour on math homework per night (depending on the assignment and student). If they are taking longer, or they have questions, have them get help from me during morning tutoring, lunchtime or after school tutoring. Please encourage your child to work on math homework on the same day they have math class because their memory will still be fresh and they will have extra time to get help the next day.