Meet Your Teachers

Get To Know Jana Pendleton

I have taught kindergarten at Indian Springs Elementary for 12 years.  I have been married to my best friend, Mark, for 12 years.  We have two children, Marleigh and Max.  We have both lived in the Tri-Cities our entire lives.  I graduated from King College, where I also played volleyball.  I received  a bachelor's degree in Behavioral Science and a minor in Elementary Education.  I later received my master's degree in Early Childhood Education from East Tennessee State University.    

I believe in creating a classroom where students feel loved and accepted.  A place where they can explore and learn academic and social skills needed for a successful school year.  Students have opportunities to learn through hands-on exploration by using manipulatives, technology and paper/pencil activities.  I believe young learners need a routine and set expectations. We strive to create a strong, loving, and accepting classroom where each child can strive and develop. 

I encourage parent contact.  We use a daily communication folder, where parents can place notes.  These notes will be answered that day.  Parents can call the school and I can speak to them when possible or return the call during my planning time.  The easiest and quickest way to contact me is through email,

You can find more information about our school and kindergarten on our school's website .  Here you can find a slideshow that will introduce you to our school and kindergarten.  There is a huge amount of information you may be interested in.



Mrs. Dawn Bridwell has been my kindergarten aide for 7 years.  Not only is she a member of our classroom, but she is also a member of our school family and community.  She lives in the Indian Springs community with her husband, Pat, and her two sons, Jacob and Jared.  Mrs. Bridwell is a support to the students and I.  She works very hard to help me keep our classroom and routine running effectively.  She prepares materials, assists in lessons, and works with our students in small groups to help me provide more one-on-one instructions.  This allows us to better meet each child's needs.  She also helps supervise students in our classroom and throughout the school.  We are blessed to have her.