Our Day in K.

A Typical Day in Kindergarten

 before 8:00  Students must report to gymnasium
 8:00-8:10 Students may report to room or eat breakfast in cafeteria
 8:00-8:20 Unpack, check in, complete morning work
 8:25-8:40 Circle Time
 8:45-9:15 Story Time  and Phonics Review
 9:15-9:30 Reading Slideshow and Whole Group Activity
 9:30-10:15 Reading Small Groups
 10:15-11:15 Math
 11:20- 11:50Lunch 
 12:00-12:50  Related Arts
 1:00-1:35 I.S.E. (Indian Springs Exploration) Science & Social Studies
 1:40-2:20 Playground, Centers, or Free Time
 2:30-2:50 Rest Time
 2:50-3:00 Pack up and Closing
 3:05-3:15 Dismissal

*Breaks in schedule allow for bathroom and water breaks and transistions.

Small groups-  Students are places in smaller groups to participate in Reading activities.  Here teachers can read with students and provide more individualized instruction based on each child's needs.

I.S.E.(Indian Springs Exploration)- Students have the opportunity to travel in smaller groups to all 4 kindergarten teachers.  Students participate in enrichment activities centered on our core subjects.  They are allowed to explore through using manipulatives and technology.  This is a time to allow the children to really dive into the curriculum and spend more time becoming familiar it.

Rest Time- Students are given 20 minutes to relax at their seats with their heads down before the conclusion of their day.

These students are participating in Reading small groups with our kindergarten aide, Mrs. Bridwell.