Journeys Reading Textbook

Click this link to access the Journeys Reading Textbook:

At the top of the page click the book icon and type the page number of the story you want to read. It will take you there.

You can scroll left and right through the pages of this online textbook. Moving LEFT will access the story vocabulary that will be on the comprehension test.


Lesson 1: "A Package for Mrs. Jewls" pg.

Lesson 2: "A Royal Mystery" pg.

Lesson 3: "Off and Running" pg.

Lesson 4: "Double Dutch" pg.

Lesson 5: "Elisa's Diary" pg.

Lesson 6: "Tree Kangaroo" pg.

Lesson 7: "Old Yeller" pg.

Lesson 8: "Everglades Forever" pg. 236

Lesson 9: "Storm Warriors" pg. 266

Lesson 10: "Cougars"  pg. 294

Lesson 11: "Dangerous Crossing"   pg. 326

Lesson 12: "Can't you Make them Behave, King George?"    pg. 358

Lesson 13: "They Called Her Molly Pitcher"   pg. 392

Lesson 14: "James Forten"   pg. 420

Lesson 15: "We Were There Too!"  pg. 448

Lesson 16: "Lunch Money" pg.

Lesson 17: "LAFFF" pg.

Lesson 18: "The Dog Newspaper" pg.

Lesson 19: "Darnell Rock Reporting" pg.

Lesson 20: "The Black Stallion" pg.

Lesson 21: "Tucket's Travels" pg.

Lesson 22: "The Birchbark House" pg.

Lesson 23: "Vaqueros" pg.