Wish List!


Donations Desired!

* Ball Pump

* Recess equipment(kickball, basketball, nerf football, soccerball, jumpropes)

* 3 x 5 BLANK index cards, any color

* 3 x 5 LINED index cards, white

* Small square or rectangular sticky notes (we use them to mark our texts)

* Sheet of stickers - stars or smiley faces

* Masking Tape (any size roll)

* Large tub of pretzels

* Large container of Goldfish crackers

* Craft "tacky" glue

* Disposable Cameras

* Band Aids

* Clorox Wipes

* Lysol Disinfecting spray

* AR chapter books

* Papermate brand PURPLE ballpoint pens

* Electric pencil sharpener

* Hand Soap (pump dispenser)

Thank you for your support of our classroom!!