Homework, Friday Folders and Projects!


Online Textbook Access:

Students can access their textbooks online by logging into Broward SSO.  

Each student will be given a seperate login for Studies Weekly.  I will update once they have been assigned.






All students are responsible for writing each day's HW assignment in their Agenda.  Agendas will ALWAYS have the most up to date information and assignments.  We write in the Agendas EVERY DAY.  Homework is generally the same each week. 

*Spelling lists and homework are assigned on Friday and due on Wednesday.  Spelling tests are on Friday. All Spelling work should be typed and printed out.

*Math homework consists of the day's lesson practice pages in the Benchmark Practice Book, with occasional enrichment  skill sheets. 

*Newsela articles will be assigned every Friday.  I will assign two articles each week and the students have 2 weeks to complete them.  All open activities for each article must be completed. They will 



Friday Folders go home on Friday and will contain class work or tests that have been checked/graded. Any work not sent home that Friday will be sent home the following Friday, once the grades have been recorded.   If a student earns a D or F on an assignment, the assigment must be signed by a parent and placed back in the Friday Folder. Please make sure you sign your child's Friday Folder so I know you have seen their work that was sent home.  If there is no parent signature I will send it back for you to sign.

If your child is absent, they have 2 days to complete his/her assignments. If your child missed a test he/she will take the test upon his/her return to class. If he/she needs an extra day, please let me know in writing. Please call in your child's absence to the office, e-mail me, or send a note the day of his/her return.



A  90-100

B  80-89

C  70-79

D  60-69 *must be signed

F  59 and below *must be signed

Principal's Honor Roll - Your child must receive all A's in core subjects and have 1's and/or 2's in specials, social growth, and study skills on their report card.

A/B Honor Roll- Your child must receive A's and/or B's in core subjects and have 1's and/or 2's in specials, social growth, and study skills on their report card.