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Please remember that there is no school on Monday, September 30th.  Final payments for St. Augustine must be paid TODAY! There will be no Spelling or Vocabulary for the next two weeks !!! Newsela is due 10/11/19 and the second SSYRA book report will be due 10/17/19.  Please make sure your child is working on both of these activities and not waiting for the last minute to complete them! Science Study Guides are due 10/7/19 and Test is 10/8/19.  Please make sure they are working on filling this our each day after our lessons and that the vocabulary is COMPLETED at this time so they can be studying the words.





September 30- No School

October 9- No School

October 17- Early Release

October 18- Employee Planning

November 11- No School

November 13- Report Cards Issued

November 18-19- St. Augustine Trip

November 19- Interim Reports

November 27-29- No School (Thanksgiving)

December 20- Early Release

December 23-January 3- Winter Break

January 6- Employee Planning

January 20- No School

January 29- Report Cards

February 11- Interim Reports

February 17- No School

Feruary 20- Early Release

March 17- Employee Planning

March 19- Early Release

March 20- Employee Planning

March 23-27-  Spring Break

April 9- Early Release

April 10- No School

April 15- Report Cards Issued

April 30- Interim Reports

May 25- No School

Iune 2- Last Day of School














Take advantage of the online payment option. All you need is your child’s student ID number.


*Log on to the Estore website directly here:


*Select the school level (Elementary, Middle, etc.)


*Select your child’s school


*Select the activity that you want to pay


*Follow the Estore screen prompts


This will accept online payments for school activities such as cafeteria, field trips, yearbooks, fundraisers,  etc.


FYI - *Breakfast $1.20, Lunch $2.00, Ice-Cream $0.65



Everyone who wishes to volunteer in the classroom or on field trips MUST have an application on file.  Applications MUST be filled out every year.  Fill out an application on-line here:






Students will begin the week with 15 otter sticks.

Students must retain at least 12 otters (10 on a 4-day week and 7 on a 3-day week) to participate in Fun Friday.

Fun Friday is every week, activities are varied, and students are involved in picking fun activities.


If students do not participate in Fun Friday they will be in detention.  Students will be required to discuss and reflect on their behavior, as well as write a letter to their parents that must be signed and returned the following Monday.





Get 2 Months for $5!