Experiences this year:  


I learned how to use instructional time effectively to significantly impact and optimize my students’ learning.


  • A “Must Do/ May Do” chart helped me keep my students busy and minimize “free time” in the classroom.


  • Adding extra activities and assignments in my lesson plan.


  • Using learning progressions.



Creating and maintaining effective environments to meet the needs of my students.

In order to accomplish this, I spent a considerable amount of time organizing my classroom library by color coding reading levels so students can easily find good fit books. 




Blue     ☞ 2.0 -2.9

Purple ☞ 3.0-3.9

Red      ☞ 4.0-4.9

Black   ☞ 5.0-5.9

White  ☞ 6.0-6.9

Pink     ☞ Poems/Holydays

Yellow ☞ Animals & Nature

Orange ☞ Español





I designated a specific space in my classroom to work with small groups.



















Motivating students to monitor and track their progress. Students set up achievable goals for themselves.  










I truly believe that I was able to successfully achieve my goals this year thanks to the guidance of my induction coach, Brigid Perhach.


Quote from my coach:

"Janet has developed into a strong, confident teacher.  She is friendly, creative and has a great sense of humor. She cares deeply for her students, is reflective and continually seeks new ways to improve her teaching. It's been a privilege coaching Janet Jacuinde!"

-Brigid Perhach




My professional goal is to continue pursuing innovative strategies and ideas to support my students’ learning. I want to be able to adapt to any situation and being open to new ideas.