Grade 5 December

Grade 5 News  January/February

As we started Catholic Schools Week,Grade 5 had the honor of the readings at Mass.They did a fabulous job ;so did the choir and the Glee Club!We enjoyed our first International Lunch,and now look  forward to the Winter Olympics.Our mascot is the "narwhal"voted by the class from several choices.As we start third marking period,we will working on better sentence structure and essay writing.Emphasis has always be on neatness and legible handwriting.Grade 5 has had several common core assessment tests already.These are in place of midterm exams.

Dates to remember:

Feb.16thNo School

Feb.18th Ash Wednesday

Feb.23rd Home and School Meeting





Sign test folder and return on Wednesday.

Sign agenda every night including Fridays:long range planning for assignments and upcoming tests will be found here.

Remind your child to show you their notebooks.

 Canned goods due by end of the month:**service project so they need to do something to get canned goods.

Thank you

God Bless