Jane Schaffer TS, CD, CM Analysis

Jane Schaffer Formula:

(TS) In the short story "_____________" by __________________, ____________________________.  (CD)(Author's Name) states / writes / comments that _____________________________________.  (CM) It is interesting to me that (various) _________________________________________.   Also, I feel that (various) _______________________________.


In the short story "Rappaccini's Daughter" by Nathaniel Hawthorne, poison is used as a substance, theme, and metaphor, especially when Beatrice Rappaccini and Giovanni Guasconti's relationship begins.  Hawthorne writes that Beatrice had "instilled a fierce and subtle poison into [Giovanni's] system."  It is curious that Giovanni has been witness to her poisoning nature, and he reasoned it away because it would have been unfathomable.  Yet, he recognizes that he is under her spell and she is on his mind because she is an enigma - poisonous or poisonously beautiful - he can't decide.  Ah, love, infatuation - whatever you want to call it - he will take awhile to see the real truth - if he wants to see it.