Handwriting Without Tears

Our handwriting program is Handwriting Without Tears

They have a very informative website for parents.  Visit them at http://www.hwtears.com

We have finished all of our letters and numbers! 

We have worked on our "diver letters" and singing the song "Diver Letters' School"!  The diver letters are r, n, p, and m

We have learned our lowercase letters with our bunny friend "Magic C"!  The bunny helped us learn letters c, a, d, g, o, and q.

We have completed the Jump Frog Capitals : F E D P B R N and M and we also learned H K L and U and we just learned our "Sliding Capitals" V W X Y and Z.  We were introduced to the Magic C bunny and the Magic C Rap song which helped us make C, O, G, and Q.  We have learned S, A, I, T, and J. 

We finished all of our uppercase letters and lowercase letters!

Please remember to use the Handwriting Handout that was handed out at Back-to-School Night as a reference when working with your child.  You may notice some of the letter and number formations may be different from the way we were taught!

"Where do you start your letters?  At the top!"Smile

"We are sliding down to the end of the Alphabet"Cool