Curriculum Updates


Curriculum Update 

Language – In Reading, we are working on Visualization (making a picture in our minds as we read) and discussing books we would recommend and why.  As part of Oral Communication, the students will be doing a book report this month. They will be using speaking skills (appropriate volume, eye contact, clarity) and listening skills as an attentive audience.  Watch for the information coming home soon.  You and your child will work together on this and they will present it to the class. In Writing, we are finishing up our Letter Writing and next we will begin Procedures.  The students will learn to write step by step instructions telling how to do something (i.e. make a snowman or brush your teeth).    

Math – As we have finished Geometry, we have been reviewing counting and how to make groups of 2, 5, and 10.  We are learning place value as well.  Next, we will begin our Measurement Unit using non-standard measuring devices (i.e. cubes, our hands, paper clips, etc.) to measure length and area.  Also, we will learn about mass and volume.   

ScienceOur Matter, Objects and Structures Unit is under way.  We are having a great time experimenting with different materials and learning about different objects and what they are made of and why.  We are very excited about our Scientist in Schools presentation on February 8, and I know the students will really enjoy being Scientists for a day.