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Mr. Shackley's 9th grade PE Class

Syllabus: All students are requried to be here 92% of all school days. Therefore students may miss 4 days of class, excused or unexcused. Students are required to dress out every day, if they forget their clothes for any reason they will have to write a 2 page paper on any topic of their choice for the class period. Also 5 points will be deducted from their final grade each time they chose not to dress out. If a student refuses to write the paper they will be sent to ISS for that period. Final Exam will consist of 25 questions multiple choice.The final exam is worrh 25% of your grade. Also Quizzes are worth 15% of your grade. And 60% will be based on dresing out and participation.

A copy of the syllabus can be found on my the school website as well,

Mission Statement: To teach how Christ would want me to teach Physical Education and apply it to their knowledge.

About me: I was born in Raleigh, North Carolina and was raised in Smithfield/Benson area until I went to Trevecca to get my undergraduate degree in Physical Education. Now I have been teaching for 2 years at West Johnston High School in Benson North Carolina where I have a beautiful wife and a baby boy on the way.

Contact Information: e-mail:    phone: 919-464-5896 (cell)  Classroom #: 919-934-7333 room number 208

If you need help with anything that is going on in the class please visit to help you out with your technique with stretching or what ever you may need to help you succeed in the clasroom.

Lesson plans will be posted on the website weekly so you can be prepared for what we are going to do for the week. Ex. if we are going outside running you do not want to bring your basketball game shoes.

This weeks lesson/homework will be:

Monday: Review Syllabus and play basketball, get syllabus signed and bring back to me for a quiz grade.

Tuesday: Play Dodgeball, no homework; just bring clothes tomorrow

Wednesday: Play Soccer outside (weather permitting), study for quiz tomorrow; e-mail me if you do not know what quiz is going to be over

Thursday: We will have a quiz of what we have done in class. (Stretching Routine), no homework

Friday: Play King of the Court until we have early dismissal, no homework

Calander for school events: Monday 1st: Spelling B in the auditorium

                                            Tuesday 2nd: Soccer game @ Kinghtdale

                                            Wednesday 3rd: FCA meets at 7 in the morning in the gym

                                            Thursday 4th: JV Foorball game @ Wake Forest

                                            Friday 5th: Varsity Football game at Home! Support your Wildcats as the take on the #1 seed in the #1 team in the state Wake Forest!



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