Last Edited: Thursday, January 21 @ 5:00 pm



- Optional 'work' is to go on Scratch to make the Hide and Seek game if you didn't complete it on Friday




Language Arts:

- Creative writing graphic organizer (Character traits + setting) Due Fri

- Storyboard for Inkling (Due on Fri*)

- Current Events (Trump Article) Due Jan 26





- Gr. 4's - 

- Gr. 5's - 

- Multiplication games for 20 mins - see Google Classroom 









Gr. 4's:

- Jeopardy Game sharing continunes on Monday




Gr. 5's: 

- Flow Chart for How to Run an Election (Mon)



Religion/Family Life:


- Family Life Coat of Arms - late submissions

- Advent Reflection booklet to be typed in the Google Slide - late submissions







Visual Arts/Drama/Music:




Health/Physical Education/Dance:


- Video Game Cover Good copy  (Due Wed. Jan 27th!)