Welcome to Mr.Auringer's 2nd Grade Class Webpage.


My Background

I am 29 years old and have been in the teaching profession for 1 year.  I hold a Bachelors Degree in Communications from SUNY Oswego, and am working towards my Dual Masters Degree in Special Education and Elementary Education from LeMoyne College.  I decided to get into the teaching profession mainly because I enjoy educating today's youth.  I love everything about kids, from tying sneakers 4 times a day to teaching them life skills.  I have always been drawn to kids and I feel kids are drawn to me because of my personality and genuine love for kids.  These children are our future and I want to help make that future bright!  My time spent at SUNY Oswego helped me develop the communication skills needed to succeed as a teacher.  I learned how to effectively communicate with a diverse audience.  I am currently attending LeMoyne College with the intentions of perfecting how to effectively teach and help all my students understand the second grade curriculum.   

My Curriculum and Assessment Policy 

Subject Matter:

- develop a broad sight word vocabulary.

- writing that demonstrates many different purposes.

- beginning to use punctuation in the correct form.  

- understanding literary genres.


- applying the numbers to all four applications.

- applying money to real life situations.

- understanding the various methods of measurements.

- begin probability and using data.


- understand and identify the life cycle.

- recognize and identify wildlife habitat.

- complete understanding of the food chain.

- understand the different types of animals and their habitats.

Social Studies: 

- basic understanding of the human need for food, clothing, and shelter. 

- be able to use maps to identify the United States, and individual states.   

- identify historic places (ex. the white house), an understanding of American holidays.



- Identify the place value of a digit in numbers to 999

- Identify odd and even numbers to 100.

- Determine the value of a collection of coins up to $1.00.

- Use a source of measurement correctly.


- place animials within their habitat.

- reconstruct the life cycle.

Social Studies:

- identify spoken states on a map

- define certain American holidays.

 My Educational Philosophy 

Children Are Our Future.....

- I feel that each and every child has the potential for greatness.  It depends on how we as educators find that greatness within that student and harness it.  I will assist each student in discovering who they are as individuals, so that they can express their own opinions and ideas. 

Teach Them So They Can Lead.....

- Every classroom provides a unique community or family atmosphere.  Each student has the ability to expand their mind.  It is my job as a teacher to give each student the tools needed to cultivate their own melting pot of knowledge.  I will teach each student to the capabilities of that student to provide them with those tools I just spoke about.  I will try to tie in current affairs into every lesson so that my students will learn about what is going on within the world around them.  

Student's Pride..... 

- My classroom will be a safe, comfortable, and caring environment where each student can develop and grow.  I will be showing and allowing students to become responsible individuals, thus teaching them the tools to become successful in life.   

 Let the Children Teach Us Adults......

- Teaching is a lifelong skill that is constantly changing and evolving.  I will learn how to teach each one of my students by understanding and getting to know their families and cultural backgrounds.  I will also learn some strategies from my colleagues, but most importantly I will learn a great deal from each one of my students.  In my short time spent within the classroom kids have taught me to expand my heart and mind to the simple, joyful and innocence of life.  I will always now be able to smile, cherish, and laugh with all my students.  


                       Classroom Expectations

As a student in 2nd Grade you will be expected to:

1.  Follow Instructions.

2.  Treat others the way you wish to be treated.

3.  Make good choices.

4.  Perform at your very best at all times.

          g                                  Grading Policy

Your child's report card grade stems from daily written work, tests, homework, behavior and class participation.  I take the average of those five categories and it produces the grade.  Before a final grade is received each students will understand the expectations and be given a number of opportunities to practice and apply the skills necessary to meet these expectations.  My ultimate goal is your child's success!

Homework  Policy 

Reading - First 2 quarters 10 mins. The last 2 quarters 20 mins.       Mon-Thurs.

Math - Short worksheets that focus on that weeks lesson(s).            Mon-Thurs.

Study the spelling activity for that weeks word group.                     Test Friday