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     Hello everyone!  I am BLESSED to be your child's teacher for the 2017-2018 school year.  My hopes with this website is to foster an open communication between my parents and myself.  It is also to give you tons of resources to utilize so that you and your child will succeed in first grade. Click on the links above   

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Things you can expect in First Grade

  • They start off as kindergartners. We will review kindergarten  skills in the first 9 weeks of class.  If you notice your child starts to do worse in the next 9 weeks it is probably because things are getting harder for them.laugh
  •    This is a BIG one-Your child is learning RESPONSIBILITY. First grade is all about learning in a more structured environment than they are use to.  They will take written tests, use computers, pack up on their own, do homework, need to follow class rules and face consequences.  They will do alot of self thinking about choices they make.  I try to discipline in a tender and caring way, as they are still developing.wink
  •   They need to be able learn how to tie their shoes.  Please teach them or allow them to wear velcro shoes.  I do not tie shoes, if I did I would have no time to do anything else than tie shoes... Please also make sure they have tennis shoes on the days they attend P.E.  They alo are required to keep their shirt tucked in and wear a belt.frown
  •   They OFTEN have accidents-They are allowed to go to the restroom when they get to the gym in the morning and I allow them to go before Reading starts.  They also are allowed (and I remind them all the time) to use the restroom at recess.  Again, they are learning responsibility.  However, if they ask to go while I am teaching, it causes a domino effect with others.  This can be very disruptive for myself and others in the classroom trying to learn.  If it is an emergency, I will allow them to go.surprise
  • Starting this school year, we will have beginning of the year conferences.  Please try your best to meet with me, I'd love to know all about your child.

















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